Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are:


Magnolia - Mrs Benjamin     Laburnum - Miss Keane      Mulberry - Mr Dickinson


Spring 1

This half term Year 4 will be learning about The Amazon Rainforest.

In English, we will be focusing on fiction and non-fiction writing. Our core text this half term is The Vanishing Rainforest. We will use this text to write setting descriptions and to help us develop ideas for adventure stories set in the rainforest. We will also be writing a balance argument around the topic of deforestation.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on multiplication and division.  We will be learning strategies to recall the 11 and 12 times tables before moving onto written methods. We will then move on to learning how to calculate the area of shapes and begin developing our understanding of fractions.

In Science, we will be focusing on the digestive system. We will be learning about the function of different types of teeth as well as what happens to our food once we eat it and the key parts of the digestive system that are involved.

In topic, we will be studying life in the rainforest. We will explore where the Amazon Rainforest is in the world. We will be designing our own rainforest plant exploring how plants have adapted to thrive in the rainforest. We will also be learning about the different layers of the rainforest and the types of plants and animals that live in them.

In PSHE, we will be learning about human rights and those that are specifically for children. We will explore how human rights take precedence over national laws, family and community practises, as well as know about different rights and responsibilities.

In computing, we will be using ‘Garage Band’ to create and edit music to accompany a film clip.

Finally, in our RE lessons, we will be exploring Islam with a focus on Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.

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