Year 2

The teachers in Year 2 are:


Maple - Miss McMullen      Elm - Mr Reed           Hawthorn - Mrs Bennett

Summer 2

Our core text is “Pirates Next Door” by Johnny Duddle. We will be using this text to create, letters, diary entries and our very own pirate poems and songs. We will be developing our descriptive vocabulary and focusing on our conjunctions, rhyming couplets and suffixes.

In maths this half term, we are focusing on length, time, money and shape. We will be also be continuing to solve arithmetic questions based around the four operations.

In science will be learning about materials and looking at the differences in their properties. We will conduct a number of investigations to observe a materials absorbency and flexibility.

We will continue learning about Pirates this term! We will be looking at pirate maps and creating our own. We will then use this maps to hunt for treasure. We will also be researching pirate ships and using our science knowledge of materials to design and create our very own pirate ships.

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