Year 2 

On this page you will be able to find out about all the exciting learning happening in Year 2. Below you will find our year’s planning, half termly newsletter and link to our Twitter page. First, we’d like to introduce you to the Year 2 team.

  • Elm’s class teacher is Ms Vigille and she is the Leader of R.E in our school. Ms Vigille is a very experienced and dedicated teacher, who has worked across KS1 and KS2. She is passionate about children’s learning and ensuring each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Hawthorn’s class teacher is Mrs Brownhill. Mrs. Brownhill is an experienced member of staff who specialises in EYFS and Key Stage 1. She has a very good understanding of how children learn and understands the foundations that need to be laid for all future learning.

  • Maple’s class teacher is Mrs Barker. Mrs Barker is the school’s Art and D.T. Leader. Mrs Barker has an extensive experience of teaching in both KS1 and KS2. She is very passionate about teaching and has high expectations of all learners and her classroom has a fun and focused atmosphere. Mrs Baker has a very keen interest in maths and science and has previously lead these subjects.

  • The LSAs supporting the children in Year 2 are Ms McBride, Mrs Morgan, Miss Cook, Mrs Bohday, Mr O’ Flaherty, Mr O’ Neil, Mrs Bhambra and Miss Ogunseye.


Year 2 is a very important year, as the children consolidate what they have already learnt in Year 1 and deepen their knowledge and understanding across all subjects.

In addition to teaching the Year 2 National Curriculum, we will also be addressing any gaps from their Year 1 learning and ensure all children are taught to their strengths and needs.

Using an enquiry based approached, Year 2 will continuously provide the children with many excellent learning opportunities that will spark their knowledge and interests in new and existing areas. Each day, we will provide various opportunities for children to explore new ideas and concepts, in a manner that is both engaging, challenging as well as developing important life skills such as independence, self-confidence, resilience and co-operation. 

In Year 2, there will concentrated focus on reading, ensuring every child is listened to at least twice a week. In addition, there will be daily story sessions where the children will be taught the skills of reading and comprehension. We will continue to foster a love of reading by providing a wide selection of quality, diverse, engaging texts.

The topics that are being covered in Year 2 this year are: The Great Fire, Into the Woods, Map Makers, Exploring India, Save the Monkeys and Habitat Hunters. We have chosen these topics as they are motivating and engaging and they lend themselves well to cross curricular approach to learning.  They will enable children to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, while motivating them to learn in a variety of creative ways.

All Year 2 children working within National Curriculum requirements are legally obliged to participate in end of Key Stage 1 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs), which identify the attainment of children in Reading, Writing and Mathematics for national comparison. These tests will take place in May. During the coming months, further information and guidance regarding SATs will be issued to you. SATs are not something which either you or your child should be worried about.  Instead, they should be viewed as an opportunity to showcase everything the children have learned throughout their time in Key Stage 2. At Alexander McLeod we ensure the children take these tests in an informal way in their own classrooms to encourage them to feel relaxed and not worry about sitting the tests. Although we can use the tests to assess the children’s learning, their end of Key Stage One assessment will be determined by their class teacher.

Throughout Year 2, the children will have many incredible opportunities and experiences. We are really excited for how each child will grow and develop both academically and as citizens of the local community and the wider world. We are really excited for the year ahead and look forward to seeing all of the amazing progress your children make throughout the year.