Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are:


Chestnut - Mrs Lewis     Willow - Miss Keane     Sycamore - Miss Dilley

Spring 2

This half term we will be starting a brand new topic on the plastic crisis. This will involve learning about the causes and effects of this global problem on all of the world’s inhabitants.

Our core text this half term is ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio. This book is a powerful way to explore issues like bullying and disability as well as relationships that change over time. We will be using this text as a stimulus for various outcomes, such as a class debate, a formal written argument and a problem page advice column.

In mathematics this half term, we will continue to develop our confidence with fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as exploring other mathematical concepts, such as area and perimeter, converting between units of measure and even algebra!

Our new science topic is ‘Evolution’. We will be learning about Darwin’s theory of natural selection, as well as exploring how fossils are made and the characteristics that offspring inherit from their parents.

Our new topic this term is ‘Our World, Our Responsibility’. We will be learning all about the world’s oceans and how they have been affected over time by human production of single-use plastic. We will be conducting our very own geographical fieldwork investigation, in which we will aim to discover more about how the plastic crisis has affected our own local area.


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