Year 5

The teachers in Year 5 are:


   Cedar - Mr Lewis          Spruce - Miss Lucas     Oak - Mrs Binks

Spring 2

Our core text this half term is ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell; 2019 children’s laureate. This book will serve as a powerful stimulus for our written outcomes – a descriptive commentary on a dynamic dragon-flying sequence, and a persuasive argument concerning the treatment of the beloved fire-breathers.

In mathematics this half term, we will learn to identify, describe and represent the position of shapes following reflections and translations. We will also learn to convert between units of measurement (both metric and imperial). We will explore capacity, volume, time, and ordering fractions.

In science, we will be completing our learning about life cycles and looking at the life cycle of a plant. We will also be looking at our new topic, ‘Animals Including Humans’ and learning about the human life cycle.

This half term, we will be continuing with our topic of ‘Viking Invaders’. We will continue to look at the Viking struggle, compare the Vikings to a non-European society who lived at the same time and design and make our own Viking rune stones.

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