Year 1

The teachers in Year 1 are:


Hazel - Miss Farrall    Elder - Mrs Csicsek, Mrs Barker        Beech - Mrs Cole

Summer 2

We will be learning all about the Polynesian islands taking inspiration from the film Moana. We will be learning about the different oceans of the world and how the equator affects the earth.

Our core text this half term will be ‘Moana’ and ‘storm whale’ by Benji Davis. We will be using this text to secure the children's sentence structure. We will be practising saying sentences out loud before writing them and extending them using words like ‘and’ and ‘so’. We will be making a leaflet to advertise one a tropical island like the setting for Moana.

In maths we will be learning about Money, adding, subtracting, dividing, capacity and fractions.

We will be developing our knowledge about The human body. We will be learning about the different senses this includes the eye, ears, nose and tongue. As part of the taste lesson we will be trying some tropical fruits.

In our topic sessions we will be learning about the Polynesian Islands such as Hawaii and Fiji. We will be learning about the 5 different oceans of the world and where they are located on a world map. We will also be discussing the equator and how it affects the world.

This half term we will be learning songs from Moana and making our own songs. We will also be looking at Polynesian instruments like the ukulele.

In PSHE we learning about our own bodies and how we change we grow older.

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