Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:


Holly - Mrs Vigille     Juniper - Miss Farrall     Larch - Miss Choudhury

Spring 2

This half term our topic will be a continuation of ‘Born to BEE wild’. We will continue to explore the impact on humans if bees wee to become extinct.

In English this half term, we will be focusing on a short film called ‘Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors’. We will be analysing the features of a diary entry and using the film to explore writing in role. We will also be using drama to understand the perspective of the characters and be writing a narrative based on it by the end of the term.

In Maths this half term, we will be begin with a continuation of length and perimeter. We will also be introduced to fractions as well as recapping on time briefly before revisiting and continuing next term. 

In Science, we will be exploring how a seed becomes a plant. We will be introduced to the term ‘germination’ and understand the process in relation to plants. We will also be studying the functions of a leave and be able to identify a range of leaves.

During our Topic sessions this term, our focus will be on PSHE. We will be developing our understanding of how our words may have an impact on people and looking at way we can effectively communicate with our peers.

We will be ending the term with Food Technology. We looking at how substituting sugar with honey would change a biscuit. We will then be creating our own biscuits with varying amounts of sugar!

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