Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:


Holly - Mrs Vigille     Juniper - Miss Moore     Larch - Mr Shelley


Spring 1

This term in English we are using the book Flat Stanley to discover more about Egypt. The children will receive a letter from Sir Abu Shenti asking if they want to come to Egypt. Following this, the children will help Stanley  by researching  about the different artefacts and monuments that can be found in Egypt and will create an information text for him  to take with him.   The children will create an adventure story about life in Ancient Egypt and an mysterious amulet.  In the second half of the term, the children will write and perform a play based on Egyptian Myths, and compose a rhyming poem about an aspect of Egyptian life.   

In Maths, we start the term by continuing to develop our understanding of division and multiplication focusing on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  We then move on to the application stage through missing numbers and scaling problems. After, we will look at adding and subtracting money as well as finding change from different amounts. Finally, we will look at statistics, focusing on bar charts and pictograms. In the second half of the term we will be looking at fractions and will learn equivalent fractions as well as how to add and subtract them.

In Science, we are learning about living things including; animals, humans and plants.  We will look  into the differences between living and non-living things. The children will become familiar with how humans stay alive. The importance of different food groups will also be explored throughout this topic. We will also look into how different living things eat and acquire food. Finally, we will investigate if the length of bones can affect the speed of an activity. Using all their knowledge children will become personal trainers to clients to help with their fitness goals.

In our Topic we are learning about Ancient Egypt. We will start by locating this part of history on a timeline. After, we will look at how the river Nile was used to support life. We will continue to look at life in Ancient Egypt and compare the rich and poor and how these differ. We will visit the British Museum to see primary resources for the Ancient Egyptian period and take part in  a workshop. We will also prepare a traditional Egyptian meal.

In PE, we will be mastering our skills in the game of basketball and improving our aerobic fitness and gymnastics. We will use our knowledge of aerobics to create a fitness video for our clients (see science).  

In computing we will be shooting and editing a fitness video for our clients (see science).  

In PHSE we will be homing our teamwork skills and thinking about who looks after us at home and outside. For RE we will learn about the Sikhism and visit a Gurdwara.  

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