Winter Olympics 2019

On Thursday 21st March 2019 we held our first Alexander McLeod Winter Olympics event.  The day began in true Olympic style with a competitor’s parade.  Each class had designed a flag that represented their class community and they paraded with this along our daily mile route to emotive and motivational music.  The competitors were then briefed, read a motivational speech and the games were declared open. 

The children took part in a variety of winter themed activities.  These were selected to demonstrate that sport can be enjoyed outdoors whatever the time of year and for little or no cost.  Each event required the children to demonstrate our school values of effort and cooperation, however through the day the children also demonstrated friendship, self-confidence, responsibility and respect. 

Many children had the opportunity to try some sports that they had not experienced previously, such as Boccia and Curling.  They also had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time skating on an ice rink, which took great perseverance. 

After all the events were completed it was the turn of the parents and teachers.  The children cheered supportively as each event took place and everyone performed to the best of their ability. 

It was a tremendous day full of fun and laughter and one which was enjoyed by all!