Upcoming Events

At Alexander McLeod we value the importance of providing our children the opportunity to experience a range of sports and activities.


The following is a list of upcoming school events.


Monday 16th September – Junior Travel Ambassadors ZIG ZAG SURVEY


Friday 20th September - CAR FREE DAY 


Monday 23rd – Friday 27th September BIKE TO SCHOOL WEEK 


Friday 27th September – Year 4 Girl’s Dodgeball Competition @ Nightingale Primary School


Monday 30th September – Junior Travel Ambassadors ZIG ZAG SURVEY 


Wednesday 9th October – 7-a-side Year 5/6 Mixed Tag Rugby Tournament @ Old Colfeians RFC


Friday 11th October - JTA – Junior Travel Ambassadors Conference 2019 @ PDC


Monday 28th October – Friday 8thy November - JTA – Be Bright Be Seen Stall KS2 Playground


Tuesday 5th November – Van Cols – Individual School Photos 


Thursday 7th November – YR 5/6 Mixed 6-a-side Football Tournament @ Millwall, Lions Centre


For any information about these events please contact the school office.