Space to Grow

Here at Alexander McLeod we have looked at the principles of ‘Nurture Groups’ and adapted this to meet the needs of our pupils.  We have named this ‘Space to Grow’.

“The nurture group is a small group of 6 to 12 students usually based in a mainstream educational setting and staffed by two or three supportive adults. Nurture groups offer a short term, focused intervention which addresses barriers to learning and to positive relationships.”

(The Nurture Group Network)


‘Space to Grow’ is staffed by two experienced members of staff (Mrs Jeffries and Mr Cole) with overall responsibility being held by one of our Senior Leaders (Mrs Farish).  With two consistent and constant adults the children can experience a stable environment, where adults and children work together, where mistakes and accidents are discussed, where firm boundaries are put into place and where children gain confidence and learn about themselves and their world at a pace and a manner which suits them. 


    Mrs Jeffries                              Mr Cole

For more information, read the parent booklet:

Space to Grow Parent's Booklet