School Times


Gates open                                        8:40am

Children in classrooms by                    8:55am

Registration                                       9:00am (Reception gates close at 9:00am)

Collect                                              3:15pm 



Gates open                                        8:40am 

Children in classrooms by                    8:55am

Registration                                       9:00am (Gate closes at 9:00am)

Collect                                              3:15pm (All gates open from 3pm)



Gate open                                        8:40am

Children in classrooms by                   8:55am

Registration                                      9:00am 

Collection                                         3:25pm

The school offices open at 7:30am.  Telephones will be answered between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

For children in Key Stage 1 & 2, there is a 'soft start' in operation for all children. Children are expected to walk straight into their classrooms in a quite and orderly manner.  Once in class, children will complete an early morning task until 9.00 am when the registration process begins.

For children in Year 5 and Year 6 the school gives the option to walk home on their own. If you wish for your child to go home alone please inform the school office in writing.  Children who have been given permission to walk home alone are expected to uphold our school values and standards. If there are concerns that the safety of the child or the integrity of the school is compromised then we will insist on the child being collected.