Alexander McLeod Primary School


As of October 2019, Alexander McLeod continues to be a Good school. Ofsted Inspectors were complimentary of the inclusive nature of the school and the high expectations we have for all of our pupils.  The report also mentions how ‘pupils talk confidently and positively about the school’.

This is a Good school because:

Leaders at all levels, including governors, have focused on ensuring that teachers provide exciting and interesting learning activities for pupils. A core focus in the curriculum is the development of reading, writing and self- belief. Teachers match learning to the needs and interests of pupils across the school. This ensures that pupils’ imaginations are stimulated and their enthusiasm fired.

  • Alexander McLeod is a happy place that pupils like coming to. Pupils talk confidently and positively about the school. Pupils enjoy the opportunities that the school provides for them outside of their usual lessons. Pupils also enjoy visiting places of interest. These visits are often linked to what they learn in class.
  • Leaders and staff have continued to provide a good standard of education. Leaders make the teaching of reading a high priority.
  • The early years area is a safe and caring place to learn. Children make a good start to learning in Reception. There is plenty for children to see, do, explore and talk about.
  • Pupils’ opportunities to learn about living in modern Britain are well developed. Pupils have opportunities to share and reflect on their views. Staff teach pupils to think about the needs of other people.


To read the full report (and read about some of our previous inspections) click on the link below:

Ofsted Report - 2019

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