House Teams

The House System

At Alexander McLeod Primary School, we believe that all children should understand the power of collaboration and team ethics.  Working to achieve a common goal promotes positive learning choices, better communication and togetherness amongst children.

Every child who attends our school is assigned to one of four ‘houses’. Each house is made up of pupils of different ages from Year 1 through to the Year 6. 

There are four houses at Alexander McLeod Primary School, each named after locally found woods.  Each house has a ‘House Captain’ and a ‘Vice Captain’ and works alongside Mr Aikulola and Ms Choudhury to promote and encourage the children in their house.

Each House also works closely with a charity of their choice. Any fundraising events that take place throughout the year aim to support the charities selected by the children. This year we will focus on children's charities:

House Captains & Deputies and designated charities - This year's House Captains and Deputies are:

Oxleas - NSPCC
Captain - Patrick  (Sycamore)    Vice - Christina (Sycamore) 
Bursted - Place2Be
Captain - Rowan (Willow)          Vice - Scarlett (Willow) 
Bostal - Great Ormond Street hospital 
Captain - Yuna (Chestnut)        Vice -  Joyce (Willow) 
Abbey - Save the children 
Captain - George (Chestnut)        Vice - Ana-Maria (Chestnut)

As part of the wider curriculum at Alexander McLeod we understand the importance of promoting democratic values and as such pupils have the opportunity to vote for their House Captain at the beginning of each academic year.  One pupil from Year 6 is elected House Captain for each house. 

The job of the house captains is to take responsibility for the leadership, direction and organisation of their house throughout the forthcoming academic year.  Each House also has a Deputy House Captain who supports the House Captains in their duties, such as the running of termly House Assemblies.

House Points

The children are given the opportunity to earn house points for their team. House points are given for children for going ‘above and beyond’ what is normally expected of them at school.  House points are accumulated on a weekly basis and the winning House is announced in the Friday Star of the Week assembly.   The house that wins the most weeks over the term is celebrated by being allowed to wear their own clothes in their house colour on the last day of the term and having an extra playtime.

House colours:

Abbey – yellow

Bostall – purple

Bursted – blue

Oxleas – green

Alongside this, the House and Vice Captains organise various activities and events to gain points for their houses throughout the school year.