Alexander McLeod Primary School

Educational Visits

At Alexander McLeod Primary School, we aim to provide our children with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Some of the greatest memories people have of their time at school involve the trips and visits they went on. We at Alex McLeod aim to make sure that is true of our pupils. We believe these visits form an integral part of childhood and of growing up and it is our duty to provide these experiences.

We use visits to inspire, educate and reward our pupils and engage them further with their learning.  

We carefully consider every experience we would like our children to encounter during their time at Alexander McLeod; from running bare foot in the sand and gazing at artwork to dressing up as pirates and spending nights away with their friends

We are fortunate to be living in London where we have easy access to world famous galleries, museums and events. Our educational visits are usually closely linked to the topic we will be studying during that term and supplement the learning that is taking place in the classrooms.

We are running a sequence of residential visits starting with a school sleepover in year 3 up to an opportunity for year 6 to go on a 5 day residential trip; during which time they can develop their independence, confidence and resilience through a range of team-building exercises and solo tasks. 



Educational visits provision 2023-2023


Pupil Voice

Year 3 pupil:


The sleepover was amazing! I thought I’d miss my mum but I felt safe and looked after by my teacher. The best bit was when we had breakfast.

Year 6 pupil:

The visits we have been on since our SATs finished have been great. We have had loads of fun and we have done things I wouldn’t normally do. I can’t believe we have so many great things so close to our school.

Year 5 pupil:

We get experts in to our school all the time to talk to us and show us things. We had the bird man and the space dome. I can’t decide which is the best because they were both fantastic.

Year 5 pupil:

The highlight of my year has been our visit to Paris! It might even be the best time I have ever had at school. We got to visit famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower as well as practice some of the words and phrases we have been learning in our French lessons.