Educational Visits

At Alexander McLeod Primary School we aim to provide our children with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.  We are fortunate to be living in London where we have easy access to world famous galleries, museums and events. 

We use educational visits to inspire our pupils and engage them further with their learning.  We considered carefully the experiences we would like for our children to have encountered during their time at Alexander McLeod; from running bare foot in the sand and gazing at artwork to dressing up as pirates and riding cables cars.

Our educational visits are linked closely to the topic we are studying during that term and all supplement learning that is taking place in the classrooms.

Children in Year 6 also have the opportunity to go on a 5 day residential trip during which time they can develop their independence, confidence and resilience through a range of team building exercises and solo tasks. 

Below is an overview of the educational visits we have planned for the academic year 2018-2019.