The teachers in Reception are:


Apple - Mrs Bailey, Mrs Richards    Plum - Miss Cole    Cherry - Miss Dadzie

 Summer 2

This half term we are learning about the creatures that live under and over the sea.  We will be looking at non-fiction sources and a variety of fiction texts to develop our understanding of what lies beneath the sea and who travels over the seas. 

In English we will be enjoying an increasing range of books.   We will learn that information can be retrieved from books and computers and we will be encouraged to demonstrate our understanding when talking with others about what we have read.   In reading we will be continuing to use our phonics and inference skills to understand unfamiliar vocabulary.  In writing, we will be challenged to write simple sentences independently which can be read by ourselves and others, ensuring that some words are spelt correctly and if not, that they are phonetically plausible.   We will also learn to use key features of narrative when writing messages in bottles and fact files.

 In Mathematics, we will be learning to count on or back to find the answer to simple posed problems. We will be learning to solve problems including doubling, halving and sharing. We will also be looking carefully at the vocabulary we use to describe distance, capacity and weight and also to compare quantities. We will begin to represent information in a pictogram by voting for our favourite sea creatures and analysing results.

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