Alexander McLeod Primary School


All EAL pupils are provided with opportunities to make good progress. EAL children in the Early Years are provided with reasonable steps to learn and play in their home language; we support language development at home and support children in reaching a good standard in English. Where appropriate, we assess understanding in the home language in order to inform an assessment judgement in the early stages of English language learning.

Often, full immersion into mainstream lessons will be the most successful way of encouraging a pupil to pick up English. When this is the case, pupils are closely monitored by class teachers to ensure progress is being made. Teachers must refer to the Inclusion Team if a child does not appear to be making progress once they have settled. Assessment, additional support and a programme of intervention will follow.

Classroom teachers have responsibility for ensuring that pupils can participate in lessons and will have awareness of good practice in providing for EAL pupils within the classroom setting. Our school aim is to address the needs of EAL pupils within the classroom. However, there will be times when it will be appropriate for children to be withdrawn from lessons to receive focused support.

Olive class

Our EAL lead works with targeted pupils in this room using  'Learning Village' which is an image-based, English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for learners. Using this programme, we are able to offer a blended learning approach combining independent learning online and small group teaching depending on the needs of individuals.  The programme is suitable for learners of any language background and can also be used with learners who are not yet literate.

The room has some distinct areas designed to develop specific English skills: all around the class there are many visual aids about parts of speech and vocabulary. There are also many games (i.e dolls’ house, inflatable balls, board games, puzzles) and the interactive displays are designed to support children’s learning. 

The Book corner is a quite area by the window that gives the children the chance to develop their reading skills and encourages them to read for pleasure. Our books collection includes many dual language texts too.


Thanks to our big screen and laptop children can develop their listening skills through singing, dancing, playing and translating. 

EAL Policy