Welcome to Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are:


 Mrs Brittany Lewis - 6L        Mrs Lauren Binks - 6B         Mr Dan Regan - 6R     

Year Group: 6 

Term: Summer 1

This half term, Year 6 will be continuing with our core text of ‘Rooftoppers’. We will be using the story as inspiration for creating a charity leaflet, persuading people to donate money to help orphans in need.

In maths, we will be learning about decimals, ratio and proportion and continuing to develop our understanding of algebra. We will be consolidating some of our division skills and applying our understanding in the context of problems. We will also be challenging ourselves to show mastery by explaining our reasoning.

It’s an important half term for us as we prepare for the SATs in May. We will be developing our confidence with the types of questions we can expect on the real tests and learning to be constructive and reflective of our own exam performance.

We are taking our learning about France to the next level, studying the Impressionist art movement and the techniques and styles associated with artists like Monet. We will also be baking our own French baguettes from scratch, and serving them with garlic butter. Bon appetite!

In RE we will be learning about the significance of Hajj in Islam, exploring how the experience of this monumental pilgrimage helps Muslims feel closer to Allah.

 Class Newsletter

 Homework Challenges


With only 2 weeks until the SATs, we want you to choose which sections of your SATs workbooks will help with your learning. Think about things you don’t feel very confident with and practise them. You do not need to bring these back into school unless you want to go through them with an adult.