Welcome to Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are:


 Mrs Brittany Lewis - 6L        Mrs Lauren Binks - 6B         Mr Dan Regan - 6R     

Year Group: 6 

Term: Autumn 1

English this half term will see us exploring our core text, ‘Divergent’: a story about a female protagonist named Tris, set in post-apocalyptic Chicago. We will start by using drama to explore the text and the emotions the characters are feeling. Then we will write a diary entry in role as Tris to explore her feelings about her new life as a Dauntless.  Later on in the term we will be writing persuasive speeches to save the Divergents and commentaries of Tris’ initiation and experiences at Dauntless.

In mathematics this half term, we will be looking at place value and calculation. We will also be using investigations and mastery challenges to help us apply our maths learning in real life scenarios.  Please ensure that you learn and practise all of your times tables on a regular basis and log in to Mathletics at home as often as you can!

In computing this half term, will be learning about how to create an app.  We will be designing and creating informative apps about Asia and uploading them to the App Store.

In science we will be learning about the human body. We will be discovering how the heart functions, looking at different blood vessels and explaining what they do. We will also be planning and completing our own investigations linked to the human body.

In topic, we will be exploring the Asian Sub-Continent. We will be learning about the key cultural aspects of the Sub-Continent and creating authentic portraits of indigenous Asian animals, using complementary colours. We will also be learning about Malala Yousafzai and the significance of how her choices have influenced the world. 

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