Welcome to Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are:


 Mrs Nikki Guy - 6G          Miss Cayne Schooley - 6S         Mr Dan Regan - 6R     

Year Group: 6 

Term: Summer 2


In English this term, we will be using our persuasive charm to write a promotional leaflet about our school journey camp, Kingswood.  Following on from that, we will be watching award-winning animation The Maker, by Christopher Kezelos, and writing a film review.  Lastly, at the end of term, we will reading and evaluating some classical poetry.


As we approach the end of year 6 and transition into year 7, we will be further developing our independence and team working skills.  For example, we will be revising how to interpret and read a variety of real-life timetables, such as a bus and train timetable, and will be working together to plan a day out, including the route and train times.   In addition to this, we will work collaboratively on a number of enterprise projects, which will develop our skills in managing a budget and calculating a profit and loss sheet.


This term in Science, we will be revising and testing our knowledge on all the science topics which we have studied over the years, such as light, electricity and animals and their habitats.


In PE, we will be making sure we are ready for sports day by learning how to be athletes! We will be learning about how to sprint and long jump, as well as learning how to remain fit and healthy.


At the end of the term, year 6 will be performing the end of year production, The Rocky Monster Show, therefore our topic this term is going to be all about theatre productions and the history of the theatre.  We kick off this fascinating topic with a visit to the Apollo Theatre in Victoria to watch the matinee performance of Wicked.  The remainder of the term, we will be extremely busy rehearsing lines, learning dances and making props, costumes and set backdrops for the performance in July.  We hope to see you there!

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