Welcome to Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are:  


          Mrs Kate Jeffrey - 4J           Mrs Althea Benjamin  - 4B          Ms Hannah Blunden - 4BL  

Year Group:4                                                                              

Term: Summer 1

This half term, Year 4 will be learning about World War Two. In English, we will be reading the core text Goodnight Mister Tom and using this to write our own first-person narrative in role as the main character, William. We will also be writing letters imagining that we have been evacuated before we end the term writing newspaper articles.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on decimals, money and time.  We will be learning to write amounts of money correctly, as well as to add and subtract amounts of money.  We will then be revising our time skills and learning to tell the time to the nearest minute. Finally, we will be looking at the 12 and 24 hour clock and calculating durations of time.

In topic, we will begin by learning about the reasons why World War II began. We will then be looking at maps of Europe and the countries involved in WWII and considering how Europe changed during this time.  We will then be considering what life was like during the Second World War for people in Britain, with a focus on evacuation, rationing and air raids. We will then look at air raid shelter artwork by Henry Moore and create our own line drawings in this style.  

In Science, we will be learning about sound.  We will find out how sounds are made and how they travel. We will then be planning and setting up our own investigations to test the pitch of sound and how the distance from a sound source affects how loud the sound is.

In PSHE, will be learning about human rights and the importance of these as well as about rights and responsibilities in our own lives. 

In computing, we will be using ‘Garage Band’ to create and edit music to accompany a film clip.

Finally, in our RE lessons we will be exploring Hinduism, including key beliefs and celebrations.

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