Year 5

The teachers in Year 5 are:


Oak - Mr Lewis       Spruce - Miss Lucas     Cedar - Mr Ruffhead


Autumn 2

In English this half term, we will be writing our own newspaper articles. We will also be designing our own space hotels and creating a brochure to advertise them. Would you come and stay?

Next, we will be writing biographies on famous astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and finally finishing off with some wintery poetry.

Maths this half term will see us developing our multiplication and division skills. Therefore, excellent multiplication tables knowledge is essential.

We are continuing with our topic of Earth and Space this half term. We are going to be learning all about our Solar System and the way that our planet orbits the Sun. We are preparing to be blown away by the sheer vastness of our universe! We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in this fascinating topic; there is so much to learn about our world and beyond.

In PSHE this half term year 5 will be learning about the physical and emotional changes children may face as they get older. We will also be focusing on what bullying means and how to keep each other safe.

In computing this half term, will be learning about website design.  We will be creating our very own websites to inform children about cyberbullying and how to tackle it.  

In RE this half term, we will be learning about Hinduism. We can’t wait for Diwali, the festival of light.

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