Welcome to Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:


     Miss Carrie Rollinson - 3R       Miss Rachel Bennett - 3B           Mr Elton Lewis -3L      

Year Group: 3                                                  

Term: Summer 2

This term our topic is called The Iron Man – based on the story by Ted Hughes. All of the people from the village think that the Iron Man is a monster. He has been eating every single piece of metal in sight. He has been destroying farms everywhere. They might all be right, but will he change from villain to hero when the real monster comes?
In our topic learning, the Iron Man will start in a village in the United Kingdom before travelling around the whole country. He’ll visit other places around the world – and we’ll be developing our Geography skills by finding out where! Upon visiting these places, he will learn to sing, dance and make friends. Together, we will design and create an Iron Man, choreograph an Iron Man inspired dance, and use our map skills to follow him around the world. This will lead to our showcase where we will be performing a dramatization of his adventures.


In Literacy, we will look at the Iron Man story through a news bulletin and a newspaper report. The children will perform their bulletin and write a newspaper report to perform to another year group. After this, they will look at adventure stories and make their own sequel to the Iron Man!
In Maths, we are going mastering the skills of multiplication and division. We will also be developing our knowledge of fractions both of amounts and equivalence. We will then move on to exploring analogue and digital time.
In Science we are focusing on light. The children will look at light in order to see things and to understand that dark is the absence of light. They will then look at how light is reflected off of surfaces. We will be able to recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous, and we’ll learn how shadows are formed.
In PE, we will be mastering our skills in the game of Basketball. We will develop our ball control, dribbling, and passing, then applying them to game-based situations.

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