Welcome to Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:


     Ms Natasha Moore - 3M       Miss Rachel Bennett - 3B           Mr Elton Lewis -3L      

Year Group: 3                                                  

Term: Spring 1

This term in English we are using the book Flat Stanley to discover more about Egypt. The children will receive a letter from Sir Abu Shenti in Egypt that they need to reply too. After, Stanley will research about the different artefacts and monuments that are there and will create an information text about Ancient Egypt to take with him.  Finally, the children will create an adventure story about life in Ancient Egypt and the mysterious amulet.

In maths, we are continuing to develop our understanding in multiplication and division. Also, we are looking at adding and subtracting amounts of money. Finally, we will be doing statistics and learning about how to draw and interpret pictograms and bar charts.

Our topic lessons will revolve around the historical learning of Ancient Egypt. We will start by looking at where it is situated on a time line before we compare life in Ancient Egypt and present day. We will also look at the difference between rich and poor people and how the Egyptians used to live.

In science, we will learn about human bones and muscles and how we move. Also we will investigate different bones and muscles of animals and how the length of bones can vary depending on the animals.

In RE we will be learning about Sikhism and looking at the key beliefs. After, we will compare this to our own ideas and ways of life.

In HRE we are going to recognise people who help them to stay safe, To understand how our actions can affect ourselves and others and to understand how to solve conflict through negotiation and compromise (LO 12)

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