Welcome to Year 3

The Teachers in Year 3 are:


 Ms Natasha Moore - 3M          Miss Rachael Bennett - 3B            Mr Elton Lewis - 3L

Year Group: 3 

Term: Summer 2

This term, our topic is ‘Our Greenwich’. Our main focus will be all about the wonderful area that we live in: The Royal Borough of Greenwich! We will have the opportunity  to go and see many fantastic sites in the area such as the National Maritime museum,  and Nelson’s ship. We will discuss the Queen’s house and the chapel.

In English, the children will write non-chronological reports about different monuments. We will be focussing on the features we need to include in a non-chronological report.  We will then be exploring poetry; the different poem types and their features. We will be exploring riddles and how we can deduce their solutions. Finally, we will be writing our own performance poetry.

In Maths, we are going to revisit our learning about place value and then continue to develop our use of all four operations (+ - X ÷). We’ll use these to help develop understanding of other mathematical problems. We will look at abstract and concrete resources and then will develop application skills through mastery through different methods. Finally, we will continue to look at measurement.

In Science, the children will be carrying out different investigations. These will be linked to maths and include taking accurate measurements and displaying and interpreting data. We will also cover magnets  and soils. There will be an opportunity to look at the different types of soils in our local area.

In Topic, we will be using  and improving map skills whilst discovering Greenwich. We will learn about the history of some of the main museums and monuments in Greenwich. We will discover how Greenwich was on a trade route and find out about the shipping  that took place.

In Art, we will be looking at cityscapes. We will look at how different artists have used different techniques and mediums . We will then visit Greenwich and draw the cityscape. We will use view finders to focus on one area and draw in detail.

In Computing, the children will be learning how to produce their own survey and interpret and present the data.. They will discuss the importance of data protection and digital footprints.

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