Welcome to Year 3

The Teachers in Year 3 are:


 Ms Natasha Moore - 3M          Miss Rachael Bennett - 3B            Mr Elton Lewis - 3L

Year Group: 3 

Term: Spring 2

This term in English we will be looking at narrative poetry with various rhyming schemes and writing our own for the first two weeks. In the following two weeks we will be learning how to write our own Egyptian Fable which will include speech, prepositions and both subordinating and connective conjunctions. For the final two we will focusing on play scripts children will look closely at the features of a play script and then as group write create a play script for another group to perform. The play will be will connected to our topic work on ancient Egypt.

In Maths, we will learn about measurement and fractions. In measurement, we will learn to use a ruler accurately, and measure using standard units such as centimetres and millimetres. We will find out what perimeter is. When learning about fractions, we will learn what they are, and how we can use them! We will also continue our journey to mastering our times tables!

In our Topic we are learning about Ancient Egypt. We will focussing on the Egyptian afterlife. We will have a week focussing on the mummification process, using drama to explore this. Additionally, we will be visiting the British Museum We will also be creating Egyptian jewellery with clay.

In Science, we are focusing on plants. We are looking at different plants an the function of each part of the plant. After, we will be moving on to what plants need to survive. We will be conducting experiments to investigate what settings a plant would grow best in.

In PE, we will be exploring outdoor and adventurous activities, developing our sense of communication, collaboration, and co-ordination. 3B will continue the gymnastics development, whilst 3M and 3L will choreograph their own Egyptian dance routine.

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