Welcome to Year 2

The teachers in Year 2 are:


            Mrs Jennifer Bailey - 2B         Mrs Leona Vigille- 2V           Mrs Deborah Bennett - 2BE


Year Group: 2                                                  

Term: Spring 2

In English, we will be writing diary entries using emotive language, a revenge story including exciting adverbs and using persuasive arguments and vocabulary in a debate. Throughout our writing, we will be using adjectives with a range of suffixes, conjunctions (when, but and or) and a range of punctuation. We know the children in Year 2 will really enjoy using The Twits to inspire their own writing.

In Mathematics, we will continue to develop are knowledge of place value, number and measure. We will be learning how to find fractions of shapes, objects and numbers, tell and write the time to the nearest five minutes, use mathematical vocabulary to describe position and rotation and use estimation and inverse to check answers and solve problems.

In Science, we will be learning about how to live a healthy life, including looking at: healthy foods, hygiene and exercise.

In PSHE we will be continuing to develop our understanding of how to be healthy and exploring:  independence, responsibilities and right and wrong.  In RE we will be exploring why Easter is important to Christians.

In Art, we will be studying the artist Henri Rousseau and creating jungle scenes inspired by his work.

In Computing, we will be continuing to learn how to use coding to program software.

In Food Technology we will be continuing to develop our food preparation and cooking skills.

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