Welcome to Year 2

The teachers in Year 2 are:


            Mrs Jennifer Bailey - 2B         Mrs Leona Vigille- 2V           Mrs Deborah Bennett - 2BE


Year Group: 2                                                  

Term: Summer 1

In English, we will be exploring Giles Andreae and Russel Ayto’s Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs text.  We will be dressing up as pirates and writing diary entries in role.  We will also be writing a new Captain Flinn adventure story. We will be using a range of suffixes, subordinate clauses and conjunctions to enhance our writing.

In Mathematics, we will be developing our knowledge and understanding of the four operations and place value as well as continuing to develop our mental maths skills.

In Science we will be experimenting with materials and identifying those that can absorb and those that are waterproof.  We will use this knowledge to design our own boats and then test them to see which boat can travel in a straight line and carry a load.

Our topic this half term will cover research of famous pirates.  We will be investigating waves, oceans and seas and designing artwork based on this. 

In PSHE, we will be looking at making positive choices and thinking about how these choices affect others by developing our own code of conduct.

In Computing, we will be learning to take photos using cameras and IPads. We will be learning to use photo editing programs and will produce our own image portfolios.

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