Welcome to Year 2

The teachers in Year 2 are:


            Mrs Jennifer Bailey - 2B         Mrs Leona Vigille- 2V           Mrs Deborah Bennett - 2BE


Year Group: 2                                                  

Term: Spring 1

In English, we will be focusing on a book called The Journey Home. Over the half term, we will be writing a short story, a persuasive letter and a fact file. We will be focusing on using different sentence types (commands, statements and questions) and using words with a range of suffixes (-less, - ment, - ful and - ness). We will continue to use descriptive language. We will be ensuring we are consistently using full stops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, finger spaces and cursive handwriting all of the time.

In Mathematics we will be measuring, exploring mass, developing our understanding of statistics, learning about symmetry in shapes and developing our knowledge of shape properties.  We will also be exploring fractions of shapes, objects and number.

In Geography, we will be exploring the differences between human and physical features.  We will be identifying the different features on a map and learning how to follow one, before creating our own maps.

In science and through our topic work we will be exploring all living things, their habitats and animal lifecycles. 

In PSHE we will be learning about growing, changing and how to stay healthy. We will also be developing our understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities that come with independence.

In RE, we will be learning about how Islam guides the actions of believers.

In computing, we will be learning how to use coding to program software and will be writing instructions for others to follow, program and make a character move.

In DT we will be developing our food technology skills to make animal biscuits and vegetable cous cous.

The values we are going to be focusing on are aspiration and friendship.

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