Welcome to Year 2

The teachers in Year 2 are:


            Mrs Jennifer Bailey - 2B         Mrs Leona Vigille- 2V           Mrs Deborah Bennett - 2BE


Year Group: 2                                                  

Term: Summer 2

Have you seen the evil, villainous witch?

In English, we will be exploring traditional tales. We will focus on using a range of descriptive language and aim to expand our storytelling vocabulary using different openers and conjunctions such as when, if and that. We will also be concentrating on how we can use spelling, punctuation and grammar to improve our writing.

In Mathematics, we will be consolidating our knowledge and understanding of: fractions, shape, inverse, estimation and problem solving.  We will be completing an number of investigations and developing our reasoning skills. 

In Science we will be exploring different types of plants.  This will involve investigating what plants need to grow and what they grow from.  Also we will be exploring which plants grow in different areas of the world and why.

In PSHE, we will be discussing communities, how our bahviour can impact on a community and how our choices can lead to consequences.  In RE, we will be learning about why places of worship and some of the symbols in them are important to people. 

In computing, we will be learning how to effective photographs, edit them and create a shared portfolio.   

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