Learning Environment

At Alexander McLeod we place a great emphasis on creating stimulating and supportive learning environments across all our classrooms.  As well as being vibrant and inspiring, the learning environment supports children with their learning and provides them with scaffolds to help them develop their understanding of subjects including Maths and English.

Our classrooms act as a 'silent teacher' - children can refer to learning walls around them to support them with their learning before they approach the teacher.  We have worked hard to ensure that all classrooms model the same expectations across the school and all our children have an equal entitlement regardless of what class they are in.

All our classrooms have clearly labelled Maths and English learning walls that reflect our current learning. Here we can find modelled examples of our learning, key vocabulary linked to our topic and images to support us with our understanding.  The learning walls have become a really important tool in supporting our children with their learning and have been well received by the children.

We ensure that our classroom is a celebration of the amazing outcomes we produce during a particular unit of learning. Please see examples of our published work below: