Science Museum

On Wednesday, the year 3 children visited the Science Museum in London to learn all about the history (and future) of robots. With their topic of learning being the story of The Iron Man (by Ted Hughes), this was a fantastic opportunity to learn all about how robots are built, how they were invented, and the several different uses that they have. The exhibition fully engaged and excited children and adults alike, and the children especially enjoyed fist bumping, speaking to, and reading about robots!


The year 3 topic this term is called 'Our Greenwich' and involves learning about the main monuments alongside the arts mark. On Wednesday, year 3 travelled by bus to Greenwich. We started at the National Maritime Museum and looked at the Great Map. We then went to Neptune Court and read about how they travelled to sea and what they did there. After, we went outside to look at Nelson's Ship in a Bottle and then to the Queens House. We ended our trip by going to the Cutty Sark and drawing our own figure heads to go on the front of a ship! Whilst we were in Greenwich, we observed and sketched different pieces of artwork (models, sculptures, paintings) and then wrote about how they made us feel. The booklet we completed will form the main basis of our topics lessons this term. At the end of this term we will be making our own Alexander McLeod Maritime Museum which will incorporate all our learning from the trip.