Carnival 2016

To celebrate the Olympics being in Brazil, we hosted a carnival and international food fair. This was the final part of an exciting week of cultural learning all themed around the Olympics.   During this week, each class designed and made carnival headdresses and learn the carnival music of 'Destra'. During the carnival, children were given the opportunity to learn and perform carnival songs, watch carnival dance performances, take part in a carnival headdress parade, visit Year 6's enterprise stalls linked to different cultures and visit our international food fair. Additionally, Theresa Pearce visited the carnival and was one of our judges along with Mr Hook. 


London Transport Museum

Year 2 visited the London Transport Museum as part of our topic 'Travelling Through Time'. We looked around the museum and really enjoyed getting to go on vehicles from the past including an old tube carriage and steam engine. As part of our visit, we took part in a 'Build A Bus' workshop where we enjoyed participating in role play linked to omnibuses and were set the challenge of building our own buses. We really enjoyed pretending to be a passenger on a bumpy omnibus!