Welcome to our Early Years - Reception Classes

The teachers in Reception are:


Miss Jazmine Dadzie-RD        Mrs Alice Yates-RY             Miss Emma Cole-RC

Year Group: Reception 

Term: Spring 1

Our topic this half term in Reception is 'This is Our London'. These are the stories and rhymes we will be learning about in the next half term:

  • London Bridge is Falling Down
  • Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Who Sank the Boat?

In Phonics lessons children will be learning to blend the sounds they know in longer words, for example, wigwam, shampoo, sandwich. We will also be learning some new tricky words. They are: Mr, Mrs, oh, people, their, called, looked, asked, could

We are learning to spell: no, to, go, the, he, she, we, me, be, are, you, all, they, some, one, come, said, do, was.

In Mathematics we will be learning to add and subtract in lots of different ways. This will include; using our fingers, using objects, counting backwards and forwards and using Numicon to help us.

We will be holding our third Family Learning Morning for you on the 17th January. Our next focus will be on Maths and learning how to engage children in Maths activities. Look out for the letter soon!

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