Welcome to our Early Years - Reception Classes

The teachers in Reception are:


Miss Jazmine Dadzie-RD        Mrs Alice Yates-RY             Miss Emma Cole-RC

Year Group: Reception 

Term: Autumn 1

This half term in Reception we are focusing on settling the children into the daily school routines. The children will be starting early writing, number and phonics.

In order to help prepare the children to learn to write, they will be doing lots of things to make their fingers and wrists strong so that they can hold pencils correctly. They will be doing dough disco, sewing, threading and using tweezers and pegs every day.

In Numeracy the children will be working with Numicon to help them learn their numbers from 0-20. They will be learning to count objects carefully and put the numbers in order. The children will also be learning to use the language of size, weight, height and length.

The children have already started phonics lessons. These lessons will teach the children the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make. This is how they will learn to read and spell.  The scheme we use in school is called Jolly Phonics.

The children will be bringing home two books a week to read together. These will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday and returned the next day. We will also bring home a book from the class library every day to share at bedtime.

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