Welcome to Reception

Our Reception Teachers are:


Mrs Bailey & Mrs Richards - Apple Class

Miss Dadzie - Cherry Class

Miss Cole - Plum Class


This term our topic is called ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. We will be developing what we already know and starting to build on our skills and knowledge.  We will do this through exploring the following different traditional nursery rhymes: Twinkle Twinkle, The Grand Old Duke, Once I Caught a Fish Alive, Miss Polly, Humpty Dumpty, Hot Cross Buns and Incy Wincy.  

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will establish our relationships with others and get to know our new learning environment and what it has to offer.  We learning how to take-turns, share and cooperate. We will be encouraging good manners and respect for each other.

Communication and Language

We will develop our speaking and listening skills through our topic. We will sing songs and recite rhymes every day. We will talk about things we are learning and things that we see around us.

Reading and Writing

We will be reading lots of stories with repeating sentences so that we can join in. We will learn to look at the pictures and point to the words as we re-tell the story.

We will begin to learn our first phonic sounds and apply them to begin to read and write words. We will also start to learn some tricky words that will appear in books that we will bring home to share. 


We will practice recognising numbers to 10 and beyond. We recite of numbers and count objects to 10 and more. We will learn about shapes through building with blocks, playing with shapes and by exploring patterns.

 Physical Development

We will do lots of activities that will strengthen our hands and shoulders so that we are ready to write. We will learn to travel around the Outside Area safely and is different ways ; for example, climbing, skipping, cycling.

To support and enhance what we do at school at home please help your child by completing the homework challenges.

In addition you could help by exploring the rhymes that we will be using and other rhymes that your child enjoys, focussing on the rhythm and rhyme. Please take lots of opportunities to be outdoors exploring, and keeping healthy and talking about what you can see around you and your shared experiences. In addition, please continue and encourage your child to dress independently (including shoes on correct foot), use cutlery appropriately, express their needs, have good personal hygiene habits e.g. washing hands with soap and use good manners. 

Reception staff are available at the end of the day if you would like any other ideas about how to support your child at home.


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9am Thursday 18th October